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Versuri Down

Well I'm feelin' like you took me in And wrapped your cursed magic over me If you vow to never cross my path I'll give you back the shame So you could see - I'd rather be dead Deep down inside your dream The evil that you make You put my life on trial It's a chance I have to take Too late the rhapsody That plays inside my head It's dark before the dawn My eyes are burnin' red I've been down is where you left me I've been down, I do not belong I've been down, won't somebody help me? I've been down, I did you no wrong In your world that's hid by tinted glass You lie behind the fragments of yourself In an empty room, you hide behind the Smile that pulls me back again, time again The pistol's in my hand I have to let you know I put you in the ground Now I have to let you go The serpent that I ride Has put a grip on me My pain is glorified Why can't you let it be?

Versuri cuvinte cuvintele Glenn Hughes muzica straina. Ultima melodie cuvintele Down melodia cuvinte melodiei versuri.

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