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Versuri Don't push my heart

Im your passion, youre my friend Im your fashion, youre my trend This could be a perfect fairytale for sale... But were running out of time Im your victim, youre my crime All the secrets have been lost all along the way... Prerefren: Loneliness you know has left the building Now were travelling to Mars Nothing in the world could break this feeling We are moving without going anywhere. Refren: Dont push my heart, Love is now or never Dont tear apart, Were so good together... Dont push my heart, This could be forever Love wont pass me by, I would rather die... II: Now youve seen my darkest side I got nothing more to hide Theres a universe wide open just for us... And the weathergirl was right, Theres a storm for us tonight We could bathe into the rain We wont take a cover... Prerefren:.. Refren(x2):..

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