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He stares at her, his teeth are bare Blood gets hot, he wants it now, He wants it rare, but something's there That holds him back from the attack Before the kill he feels the thrill Something is there, that cools him off And it seems some kind of tough What a force on leads They wait for you, they're getting big But they can hide, their lust is huge Some are nice, and some are false And all they want is that you believe That they are just like you and me They're talking sweet, they're acting calm They are so smooth, they're so nice But if they could they would bite Dogs on leads -- dogs on leads Dogs on leads -- dogs on leads Oh, it's so mean No one knows that they're outrageous As long as they are treated gracious Once cut off they're getting wild But someone's there, who leads the lead And they can walk in a line And they dance on a rein Something's there that cools them off But it seems some kind, some kind of tough They're all Dogs on leads -- dogs on leads Dogs on leads -- dogs on leads Dogs on leads And the sweetest of the sweetest Is a hunter held on leads They're the nicest -- they're the calmest No one knows it -- who's the beast Don't you turn 'rough, it's too dangerous So you better catch the lead If they're hungry, they might hurry And you better feed the need Dogs on leads -- dogs on leads Dogs on leads -- dogs on leads Oh yeah! Dogs on leads -- dogs on leads Dogs on leads Dogs -- dogs on leads

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