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[News Reporter]: Well, it seems they're in the news again. The 2 Live Crew have started a dance craze that has basically taken the nation by storm! Here's a report. Verse 1: [Fresh Kid Ice] There's a brand new dance and it's comin' to your town It's done by the people who can really throw down You don't need to be a queen or a jack of spades It's done by the brothers with the hi-top fades It doesn't matter if you're shy or wild It's done by all, man or child Keep shakin' your head, like a goose And work your body 'till it gets loose Ladies, bend your back and also your knees Shake your titties and let me squeeze Then make a face like you wanna fart Keep workin' them arms while doin' the Bart! Verse 2: [Brother Marquis] Jitterbugs keep pumpin'! Why you frontin'? On the Bart, I'll keep the house jumpin' Everybody follow me, do that dance, the B-A-R-T Just step to the right and left Do the Bart 'till you're out of breath [Fresh Kid Ice] It's brand new, the dance to do The move for the 90's and it's comin' through Girls, shake your titties and fall to your knees Show that ass so I can squeeze Then make the face like you wanna fart Work them arms while doin' the Bart! Verse 3: [Brother Marquis] It's the Bart, y'all, the brand new dance Fellas, grab your dick; girls, shake that ass To do this dance you must wear Nike's Girl, you need bikinis, and no sexy nighties To do this dance, you can't act cute Fellas, get upon that ass like you're knockin' the boots In! Out! Up and down! When you're doin' the Bart, you're really gettin' down! When you're doin' the Bart, you're gonna get wet Right Guard can't save you, 'cause you're bound to sweat Fat girls, we ain't forgot about you The Bart's the dance that you can even do First you need a tight fade, a couple black medallions, Some skiddo pants and then start dancin' Unlike the Hammer, unlike the Humpty, When you're doin' the Bart, you've gotta get funky! [Fresh Kid Ice] It's the dance of the 90s, motherfuckers act wild Your Granny can do it, so you should try It's not just a dance; it's a state of mind The fellas need to hi-jump the girls' big behinds Keep shakin' your head, like a goose And work your body 'till it get loose [Brother Marquis] Jump up and down, but don't freak or hustle When you're doin' the Bart, you use every muscle Don't hurt yourself or exert yourself You can do the Bart all by yourself So why you sittin' there in your seat? Just get on the floor and Bart to the beat!

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