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Versuri Die one day

[VERSE 1] (uh huh) I keep my hip on pound Cause chickens hectic in my town Drag my family with me cause that’s how real niggas get down (gea) If it wasn’t for 50 I probably wouldn’t be around (gea) Caught up in the temptation sitting in jail or in the ground (gea) If for that if you snap a finger and I’ll lay a nigga down (whoo) It’s fucked up when you’re only facial expression is a frown (uh huh) A hood rat will put a future in a fool’s pants Till she find out you can’t buy furniture with food stamps (uh huh) A year ago I made a decision before I shut my eyelids Better if I get shot tomorrow cause I don’t like surprises When you hot as an oven they with open arms When you cold as a freezer niggas treat you like they don’t need ya Some people call it ?? me I call it amnesia Live my life principal driven never bite that hand that feeds you (uh) Never mind all the haters fuck’em all let them die slow All I need is my niggas, money, liquor and hydro (I kno) [CHORUS x2] Everybody gon’ die one day Whether it’s natural cause it's a gunplay But fuckin with me you sliding down a one way I keep it gangsta from Monday to Sunday [VERSE 2] Don’t blame me Blame my mom and pop for breeding this (uh huh) The game needed this Lloyd Banks AKA Mr. I don’t feed a bitch Don’t need a bitch I stay there when I need a bitch You want a trick you need to switch Cause I don’t think you could beat this bitch (whoa) This is all I gotta have to blow So whether it’s fast or slow Platinum flow making it easy to kidnap a hoe (uh huh) Pop the back Pass the dro Roll about a half an O The git citizenship my pimp is international (yee) You gotta agree These motherfuckas will probably find Bin Laden before they find a nigga hotter than me We on top as far as I can see And since the hood watching me My regular trip to the mall is a shopping spree (damn) I’m the #1 draft pick none of ya’ll are topping me (uh huh) I move around with the plastic you ain’t dropping me (uh huh) They show me love on my city They fuckin with me and I’m fuckin with them Nigga G-Unit till the end (Gea) [CHORUS x2] [Lloyd Banks] Ya six inches from a coffin (coffin) So I suggest you stop talkin (talkin) And make me result to violence (violence) And you'll no longer be walkin (walkin) Ya six inches from a coffin (coffin) So I suggest you stop talkin (talkin) And make me result to violence (violence) Nigga.. (nigga) Yeee.. You gotta love it!

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