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Versuri Destructive Light Of Dawn

The earth you see Resembles me A cold and dark disturbing place A world of god turned to disgrace A new day has come The suffering begun The beauty you once knew is gone Disappearing with the birth of dawn Cries, as the searing sun appears Through your eyes and deep inside Fear, of this excruciating pain You run to hide and question why [Chorus] A prophet spoke of this pain But you chose to just ignore You turned away, betrayed The feelings you had in your heart The seeds of humanity will be defiled Until the end of time, you see The visions you cannot deny The destructive light of dawn Each day, grows so very strong Why can't you accept the truth Your souls have died and Your God has too Blasphemy, a new life for you Still you pray and an end You can't comprehend The sights you see in front of you The light that burns keeps haunting you You could not describe The horrors that you see here An epic tragedy Lives controlled by fear Sure catastrophe As the sun drifts closer Scorching all on earth They never will recover [Repeat chorus] Unrelenting, this heat you can't bear Life is filled with torment and great despair The end approaching with every new day As you face extinction and cannot be saved Where is your God now that nothing is left He abandoned you and now Laughs at your death The sun is here and the earth is in flames What was once the way is now dead in space

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