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Just like a miracle In chains and clearasil Stands the woman of my dream And just thirteen Bo-peep erotica My sweet Demonica The devil's in her jeans Demonica My sweet Demonica Was all I'd wanted for Since the time that she could crawl Now don't we all for Those lips like cherry bombs we killed her dad and mom I hear the siren's call Write true love's number on the wall The devil take them all My sweet demonica was just the tonic for walking dead throughout the day She'd make them pay for non-stop erotica My sweet demonica That's why I call her name I know she's waiting there for me If I ever go free My sweet Demonica

Cuvinte asculta Demonica Dwarves. Muzica straina versurile cuvinte piesa versuri versurile cuvinte album piesa versurile cuvintele versuri.

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