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Versuri Delilah

I saw the light on the night that I passed by her window I saw the flickering shadows of love on her blind She was my woman As she deceived me I watched and went out of my mind My, my, my, Delilah Why, why, why, Delilah I could see that girl was no good for me But I was lost like a slave that no man could free At break of day when that man drove away, I was waiting I cross the street to her house and she opened the door She stood there laughing I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more My, my, my Delilah Why, why, why Delilah So before they come to break down the door Forgive me Delilah I just couldn't take any more

Album Tom Jones melodia piesa versurile cuvinte. Cuvinte Pop cuvintele muzica straina versuri versuri versurile versurile descarca Delilah.

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