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Rough and ready rider in a supersonic sound machine Rock and Roll survivor Chrome pipes between your knees Running all the red lites Your gonna make a dead stop But you just can't see the signs Oh - you'll never win the race But you can't give up the chase Death alley driver Living at high speed Death alley driver...Yeah Death alley driver...who knows what you need Death alley driver... One hundred twenty five smokin' on the turns Always on the hit and run But you never learn... Running from the man... and you're running from yourself Another dirty angel heading straight to hell Oh - you'll never win the race But you won't give up the chase Death alley driver... Live in overdrive...Death alley driver...yeah Death alley driver...ride to stay alive Death alley driver... let's go Red lights in the mirror Danger on the band Got to take a detour cause a road block's up ahead He takes you on the corner with a wave of his hand Death is in the back seat of a big old black sedan Oh - you'll never win the race... As you turn and see his face... Death alley driver... Movin' for the kill Death alley driver...yeah Death alley driver... Time is standing still... Death alley driver... Always on the run cause you're a... Death alley driver Love the way it feels Death alley driver...yeah Death alley driver Hell on wheels... Death alley driver... ooh -

Cuvintele melodiei melodiei muzica straina Death Alley Driver cuvintele cantece Rainbow. versuri asculta asculta versuri.

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