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Versuri Dead And Gone

You were a violent drunk but now your dead and gone You were ruining my life the damage had been caused On the day of your funeral my life was reborn The first time i saw you i could sense bad luck It was eleven a. m. as you were drinking on my couch And then you moved in like a terrential rain storm You had nowhere to go but i knew where you were goin' You smiled when i was home but you abused when i was gone You hit my younger brothers and then you'd taunt me And when i would confront you you'd say it was a lie Well i was at your funeral happy that you died Dead and gone That night in the kitchen i trashed my house There was a fist fight and i threw you out And you were loaded with no place to go So you passed out and blacked out in the snow We got a phone call saying that you were dead All the shit you put me through raced through my head You died on a dirty motel floor Now you can't make me suffer anymore Do you see what i see You were a violent drunk You were ruining my life The damage you have caused On the day of your funeral My life was reborn

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