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this is the march of the beast headhunter's feast a hymn for those pulsing with this lustful disease bearing the marrow of thousand fattered nights the powers of thornfleshed death battlethirst and scarage wrath feel its fiery breath... psychonauts of the darkzone we are a whorehorde born of a fatal formula crippled and crowned we strike the harp with crystalstrings razorsharp the hunt is on ! flee ere the bloodwork's done ! guarded by dustdreams and evenfall down, down, down... to fornicate with this twilightcharade cofered upon us, chaossons, crystalblade's prey snared by paindomain escapades of flesh, filth and sulphurrain amidst the orphaned seed of suns in twain from now to never we hail ravenhordes and requiem eureka ! i am pain i am !

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