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Versuri Dark Eyed Cajun Woman

Tom Johnston I think back to the time When I first saw your face You were walkin' across the delta To your cold and lonely place You know, I took you for a small girl Really not quite seventeen Oh, Lord, but I was wrong, oh so wrong You're like a woman I've never seen Dark eyed Cajun woman Where are you comin' from Your soul is in the back woods They say you never had a home But I'm gonna know you better If it takes all night and day Dark eyed Cajun woman You'll never get away, no, no Now the evenin' is blowin' I hear your voice most everywhere Your cold, black eyes They are dancin' in the starlight Warmin' the cold night air It's so beautiful, you know I have to say Dark eyed Cajun woman You'll never get away

Piesa Dark Eyed Cajun Woman melodiei album muzica ultima melodie. Doobie Brothers melodia melodiei versuri asculta descarca cantece muzica straina melodia versuri.

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