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Versuri Danny Partridge Got Busted

includes a punk rock version of the name game I just read the news in the paper yesterday Danny Bonaduce just got busted in L.A. He used to be 10 years old now he's 25 busted for narcotics and he's facing 10 to life Danny Partridge Busted it happened just the other day Danny Partridge Busted now they're gonna lock him away we'll never see his freckled face smiling anymore they're gonna put him in a cell and doublelock the door Shirley, Keith, and Reuben, I wonder where you are next time you see Danny he'll be safely behind bars and he got busted it never happened to me poor Danny little Danny Partridge wasn't as innocent as he seemed he finally found an outlet for his moneymaking schemes I just can't believe it 'cause it seems so strange to me the kid that we grew up with is a pusher on the street

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