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Versuri Dance dance(the mexican)

Something's got control of me Feels like I'm in a trance Electricity runs through me Makes me wanna dance Take me in your arms 'Cause I wanna dance all night with you When you move I feel your magic running through me I grow helpless as we dance the night away [Chorus] Dance, dance I can't control it You're making me really want it The way you move to the rhythm It's taking over me You dance Dance I want you badly I'm in a trance Come and help me 'Cause I can't stop going crazy Just satisfy me, baby Dance, dance Hypnotizing rhythms make me move At your command I can be your slave And dance all night if you demand You make me lose my mind And I can't take it any longer I feel the power that you have It's getting stronger Baby, let's dance the whole night away [Chorus] You totally control Every part of me Don't you know what kind of vibe You're sending to me? Dance [Instrumental] [Chorus]

Dance dance(the mexican) cuvintele versurile melodia cuvintele muzica straina cuvintele Thalia melodia versuri. Versuri Latino cantece versurile.

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