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Versuri Daffodil Lament

Holding on that's what I do since I met you And it won't be long, would you notice If I left you And it's fine for some Cause you're not the one, All night long, I laid on my pillow These things are wrong I can't sleep here So lonely, so lonely I have decided to leave you forever I have decided to start things from here Thunder and lightning won't change what I'm feeling And the daffodils look lovely today OL in your eyes I can see the disguise OL in your eyes I can see the dismay Has anyone seen lightning Has anyone looked lovely And the daffodils looked lovely today Looked lovely

Daffodil Lament piesa mp3 asculta melodia versurile. Cranberries cuvintele versuri descarca Rock versuri cuvintele melodiei cuvinte album muzica straina.

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