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Versuri Cyberworld

[Halford/Chlasciak/Z] You're trapped inside my cyber world Consumed up as my web unfurls No secrets left for your mankind. My virus lurks throughout your veins I'm spreading there inside your brain A trojan horse that eats your mind. Cyber world Cyber world I've got your power. Cyber world Cyber world I will devour, yeah... At speed of lies I will connect I search and surf as I infect Computerized catastrophe. Your information's what I steal I scan you till you are unreal Transmit your power into me. Cyber world Cyber world I'll steal your mind. Cyber world Cyber world For all mankind, yeah... You're dying in my cyber world You're lying in my cyber world

Descarca melodiei cuvinte Halford (Rob Halford) versuri ultima melodie cuvintele cantece melodia muzica straina. Cuvinte Cyberworld mp3 versuri.

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