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Politically erect romanticizing about ancestral innocense conscience easing curiosity pleasing slum teasing lab rat is crude ego food ain't no afro or halo can pick the cotton out your conscience inside the petting zoo (was it good for you?) can't hide me in dark nicht places ('cause in the spaces) curious is the luxury (to be wrong) white wrong still belong all my jungle come out curious white boy when am i gonna meet yo mama (met yo daddy already) another housekeeper fantasy afrodite coffee colored remedy for yo hangover from history i know your daddy and your brothers too well and his friends made me swear i wouldn't tell what you so mad about always gotta scream and shout find a difference point it out spread your legs shut your mouth my virginity hanging from your family tree why you so angry they just crowned mammy miss america

Muzica straina descarca cuvintele ultima melodie ultima melodie. Ultima melodie versuri album melodia melodia cuvintele versurile versuri Cree Summer Curious White Boy.

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