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Versuri Crossing My Line

HARDCORE, given in to me I'm taking you out of your low-fi misery FUCK YOU, you're a waiste o' time Crossing my line with your straight edge sanctity Drop the preaching dumb FUCK I'm above you There is no need to sell your sanctuary round here Weary head, jelly legs, ready for the undertake? THEY'RE COMING TO TAKE YOU AWAY! Sneaking up on your codex fake THEY'RE COMING TO TAKE YOU AWAY! Like the EENIE, like the MEANY, like the eenie meany MIND BLOW Way out of line it's time for your goodbye ho NO, There's no edge, RIGHT! muzica straina ultima melodie cuvintele. Cuvintele album descarca versurile asculta versuri versuri Barcode cuvintele cuvintele Crossing My Line cuvintele.

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