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Brian Matthew: The next few minutes, we're in the lap of the gods and the hands of the Beatles. In my young days, when I was a lad, they used to have actors in films and now that they-- Paul: Yes? John: Hey! Listen! Paul: It's all changed, now, Brian. They're not doing that, no actors. John: It's all changed, now. Brian: But this is what I wonder. In those days, the actors used to say their best bits were left on the cutting room floor. Did you find that? John: No, no, no, those were the good bits in the film. You should have seen the rest. Brian: Yes? John: Rubbish! Brian: Was it, really? John: Even worse, yes. Brian: Who was worst? John: Oh, Paul. Brian: I see. Paul: I think John was about the worst. John: No, it was you. Paul: Oh, Ringo was very good. He was. He's a good lad. Brian: He was. They're saying he's a new Charlie Chaplin. Do you think that's right? John: He was miming. Paul: You, too, with Jason. John: Oh, yes, he's an old one. Okay, Ring? Brian: Beginning to look like that. Now, then-- Ringo: All right, John. Can you hear me? Paul: Can you hear him? Hello! Brian: Not really. I hope not. I hope not! John: We brought you the flowers, Ring. Brian: He's not allowed to talk. Ringo: Eh? John: We brought you the flowers. Ringo: Oh, good. John: And the grapes. Ringo: Oh, I like grapes. Paul: He likes grapes. George: We've been to Portugal. Brian: Guess who's, guess who's top of the pops in Portugal, then. All: Who? Brian: Los Beatles. John: Los Beatles? Great, great laugh. Brian: I don't suppose you know the title of your film in Portuguese? John: No. Crinsk dee Night? Brian: Could be. Let's hear the number, shall we? John: Right.

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