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Versuri Cowboy Man

She wore glass slippers She held her head up high She had that sparkle at her feet And that twinkle in her eye She smiled at me And I wondered why She said I'm looking for a cowboy To take me for a ride And he can rope me on the prarie And he can ride me on the plain And I will be his Cinderalla If he'll be my cowboy man She said I've got a 40-gallon stetson hat With a 38-foot brim We could dance around the outside baby 'Til we both fall in And you can rope me on the prarie And you can ride me on the plain And I will be your Cinderalla If you'll be my cowboy man Now I ain't never been no cowboy But heaven knows I try 'Cause I'll be riding tall in my saddle With that Cinderalla by my side And I can rope her on the prarie And I can ride her on the plain And she will be me my Cinderalla If I'll be her cowboy man

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