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Don抰 hold me up to be Something that I抦 not I never said I had all the answers Or that I didn抰 make mistakes You need someone to believe in But I抦 the same as you And I can抰 make the promise That I抣l never let you down Why should I sacrifice myself So you can think that we feel the same My life, my actions Are scarred with imperfections I never asked to be a hero Don抰 make me play that role You want someone to look up to I抦 afraid it isn抰 me I won抰 be the one to save your soul Why should I sacrifice myself So you can think that we feel the same What happens when I let you down What makes my words so important That they stand above the rest All you抳e done is isolate me And make me feel out of place Is it the real me, that you want to know Or who you think I should be These walls that stand between us Are walls that don抰 belong All you抳e done is separate us Is that really what you want

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