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With fists raised high in tightened knots The room explodes and now this blood is on your hands And there is no time for a second chance To paint my face with blood and tears and cover up In an open book that no one reads A misspelled word that no one know You stole the rain Then you turned around and tore my life in two Just like the picture that once hung on the wall in the room that we used to share So fold me up and put me back in the place where you used to keep your heart You think its getting smaller? It's been that way for quite some time now The cadence beats down on the tar It sounds the same as your fists raining down (if you wanted to change the way I look at you...) We've got to leave before the sun sets Or maybe we don't have time(time to waste.) It won't be long until you're gone into the night You won't have time to paint my face with cover

Versurile versuri mp3 versuri muzica straina descarca Thursday. Ultima melodie cuvintele cantece Concealer album melodia.

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