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The Rain, was coming down over me It felt so good to be free I laughed with all the others who shared my point of view Now, Reality's setting in The Cover is wearing thin The things that we hide from Still have their ways of haunting us Chorus So Come With Me, We'll See Forever! Reach for you now, To Dream Again! Wait till you see what lies in storeââ¬Â¦Ã¢â¬Â¦ I'd hate to be anything moreââ¬Â¦Ã¢â¬Â¦ Yet I know that you'll hide from the truth To find a way to comfort you. The Air, swallowed to loosen your mind has tricked you to be blind to all the others, who've felt this way before and break, the ones you needed the most Still loving you like a ghost if only you'd listen You would see how far you've strayed from your goals Chorus The Air isââ¬Â¦.endingââ¬Â¦he's speakingââ¬Â¦.to usââ¬Â¦through us Slowlyââ¬Â¦..descendingââ¬Â¦.not lettingââ¬Â¦..all of this slip away.. I amââ¬Â¦contemplating existence Wasting away by this moment and letting it slip awayââ¬Â¦.. Chorus

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