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Refren: I cried once, I cried twice Since you are gone I prayed once, I prayed twice For you to come home... I: Before you take my heart away Look in my eyes again and say 'I don’t feel anything no more' Then walk away and close the door. Prerefren: Memories are gone, I am all alone It’s too late to cry... For my sins I pay I need one more day, Don’t say goodbye... Refren:.. Memories are gone…. Memories are gone… II: There’s no happiness for me No more tomorrow, no more dreams You took away my shining star There’s nothing left inside my heart... Prerefren:... Refren:.. Memories are gone… Memories are gone…

Melodiei cuvintele Dance album cuvinte. Piesa Morandi versuri ultima melodie muzica romaneasca descarca album Come home... versuri.

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