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Versuri Come along now

Tonight I feel high like never before I found the tune that I was searching for This tune can make my heart beat like a drum I can't resist the flavor of this chewing gum I need this beat like the earth needs the rain This beating tune quenches my thirst before I go insane Ouh ouh ouh Ouh ouh ouh No way to get out of my mind this tune You'll get the picture I'm telling you soon Shortly my love you'll be moving to this groove all night long I need the beat.. So good so good Tonight I feel so good Cause I have the coolest beat The coolest in the hood So right so right Tonight I feel so right Cause I'm about to hit your floor With this new groove delight Listen to me Become a devotee And let the music come through you Like electricity The party zone Join the party zone And move your feet right to the beat Like dancing all alone Tonight tonight Let's celebrate all night Here is the deal taste the thrill Of bringing us the light

Asculta cuvintele versuri versuri descarca melodiei. Cuvintele asculta versurile melodiei Come along now Despina Vandi versurile ultima melodie album muzica straina.

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