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Versuri Come On

Written by: R. Robinson & C. Robinson Are you feeling me groove ya Do it get right to ya Do it creep right on up in your bones We be frightfully righteous and If you don't like us man Take your ear holes and go home Bye bye go home We got just what you need We brought you the remedy Chorus: Come on come on Let's get this thing started Come on come on Everyone Come on come on You know we're right on it Come on come on It's on We ain't foolin' we ain't playin' Lay it down no complaining Pick it up and break some for you So get on up out your seat Because you make this scene complete And we really like to stick it to you Yes we do We got just what you need Remember the remedy Chorus

Cuvintele descarca piesa The Black Crowes muzica straina cuvinte. Melodiei melodia versuri muzica piesa asculta versuri versurile Come On album.

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