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Come Again Lyrics Hear - the knock at the door and you know who is there, you tell yourself you don't care. Try - you try to pretend you'll just send him away, you know it won't end that way Your heart doesn't stand a chance, your eyes let him know And your pride doesn't means a thing - you lost it for him years ago; Hear - the voice at the door and it makes you afraid, afraid but you don't know how. Try - you try to remind him the promise he made, he doesn't remember now The tears welling up inside, are drowning your dreams And your chance for another chance, keep leaving with him so it seems Time - the friend that would bring him around, Is turning on you and it's bringing you down. Love - you tell him you love him and want him to change, he says that he'll really try, Hear - how often you hear as he's closing the door. And softly you say goodbye... Come again Come again

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