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Versuri Cocaine

Cocaine, cocaine I think it's my choice of drug Cocaine showed me a life that's less cynical Soap and open with the knives of the critical And wash away today the effects sorry and typical Cocaine, cocaine I think it's my choice of drug Cocaine, cocaine the last time I had you was not the same In vain - The ass end of choice has become my name Cocaine I sink with this choice like dung Snow white! Cocaine be it my choice of drug I'd be it all if I could be... I just want one fucking hit! I bleed and seep out all my flaws My teeth tampon absorb this vermin that I Snort, sniff, sniff, snort Feel the aura of all kinds It's the best I get The yes I'm let into Insured. Pre Natural Sniff and invest in bliss Unlike none yet.

Cantece muzica straina cantece asculta versuri descarca. Cocaine versurile Frankenbok mp3 mp3 piesa mp3 versuri asculta.

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