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At one - I was sitting and thinking of all the beautiful things he could have become Instead of a lyrical oracle and I'm a most appreciative one 'cause I'm in a world of my own when I'm into it I don't want anything else and nothing can bother me when I'm inside of it cause I'm outside of myself Midnight Marauder spinning on my stereo Mr. Desmond Dekker has a crown made of gold The kids are alright a what a what I hear London calling but I have no fear Ms. Ella Fitzgerald has no peer Music sweet music make the truth so clear Classics of love make a dark day light If you don't believe the words just look into their eyes Sun shining down on a cloudy day I know those songs gonna last forever that's what I say At two - I'm running around in my mind and my mind's a fucking zoo One of the ones under the gun wondering what do I do? Ever feel the same way? Slave to the brain wave Brave if you pave ways through to the true you? If you take me out, please don't forget to take me home If you take me to a party, please don't forget the microphone If we take my car, then please don't try to touch the radio 'cause the midnight sun is burning bringing peace into my soul! Chorus Now I'm listening to the classics of love in the day and night you got the power radiate and fade you got the vibe make you feel alright Chorus

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