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i see the wonder setting in over where i am going and where i've been and by the way when i kneel to pray it never seems you're there and i'll admit that i do not try when it's easier to sit down and cry i'm so full of doubt want to let it out let it out all over you on my circle of error i go round and round on my circle of error i go round and round again i'm running things into the ground all the truth i am seeking has not been found and i am weak all the words i speak bring no passion anymore and will i try for happiness in the midst of all this emptiness all i want is you if i only knew how to get up off this floor

Album versuri cantece descarca descarca mp3. Piesa Circle Of Error melodiei muzica straina versuri cuvinte Pop muzica asculta Sixpence None The Richer muzica muzica.

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