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I dont' know why it should be sohard Givin' up this circle dance Worn out steps from long ago don't give love a chance It's a bitter heirloom handed down these twisted parts we play I'm not her and you're not him It just comes out that way Can't go back to make things right (though I) wish I'd understood time has made things clearer now We did the best we could I'll be home soon, that's what you'd say And a little kid believes After a while I learned that love Must be a thing that leaves I tried so hard just to hold you near Was as good as I could be Even when I had you here You stayed so far from me Can't go back to make things right (though I) wish I'd understood Time has made things clearer now You did the best you could Now that this has occurred tome I just wanted you to know I've been too faithful all my life It's time to let you go

Cuvinte Bonnie Raitt Circle Dance cantece piesa descarca descarca. Versuri asculta cantece descarca cuvinte versuri versurile cantece muzica straina piesa.

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