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no candycoloured paradise no stary blackholed eyes no more dreams of neverend through embers only dark descends no more comatose sleepwalking no feeble sideshow toungetalking not even crucified you`d get that far nor escape the shining mourningstar no lies shall opiate your senses no spying glasses with shaded lenses nor suns that burn a brighter tint just lucid weaves in pristine mint no more angels in the snow no more hunting high and low no more water in our veins to seek out gold from grains no fight to win or loose no single path to choose no second comind at all just a simple rise and fall

Cuvintele descarca piesa Tiamat muzica straina cuvinte. Melodiei melodia versuri muzica piesa asculta versuri versurile Church Of Tiamat album.

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