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Versuri Christmas Lullaby

Are you far away from home This dark and lonely night Tell me what best would help To ease your mind Someone to give Direction for this unfamiliar road Or one who says, Follow me and I will lead you home. How beautiful How precious The Savior of all To love so Completely The loneliest soul how gently how tenderly He says to one and all, Child you can follow Me an I will lead you home Trust Me and follow Me And I will lead you home. Be near me, Lord Jesus I ask Thee to stay Close by me forever And love me I pray Bless all the dear children In Thy tender care And take us to Heaven To live with Thee there Take us to Heaven To live with Thee there

Cuvinte asculta Amy Grant cuvintele cuvintele versuri. Album melodia muzica straina Christmas Lullaby melodia ultima melodie cuvinte cuvinte asculta versuri.

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