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Versuri Chicken Hawk II

Talking: The record you about to hear is basically true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. (You a cold nigga) Some breathe gangsta shit, we dream of gangsta shit (Repeat) Verse 1 I hit licks nigga lead the hood in strong arm 'bout to get more chickens than Foster Farms Now give it up or die this a mothafuckin' jack hustlas guard yo sack the chicken hawk is back Impatiently waiting out of hunger my instinct to kill got stronger my wingspan's longer my guns loaded up and before you know what hit you I jump off the wire swoop and then I get you And fuck a tussle bitch cause all I do is shoot put lead in ya dome take ya sack and ya loot With a foe foe (.44) revolver so my strap ain't a jammer I want pure Peruvian no cuttin' Arm & Hammer Gotta take what I need that's how the ball bounces now decide if you go die over thirty six ounces Before I go make sure no cameras in the vents pull a feather from my tail and dust off my claw prints Nigga Chorus You knew that I was dangerous when ya took it Look the Chicken Hawk two is after you (Repeat) In search of super chicken (Have you seen him?) (Repeat 4X) Verse 2 Yo girl gave me the cock but now she holla rape So I take her to my nest and wrap her with the duct tape Pull my heat out squeeze and make these Teflons melt her and watch blood drip all down the walls like Heltah Skeltah Take flight over the woods to drop the body and hit a lake to rinse off 'cause my feathers all spotty I stalk once again caught my prey by surprise look in his eyes if he lies he dies before sunrise Where the work at fool the jack is on you feel the wrath of the chrome kick in or get your noodles blown So hurry the fuck up nigga take me to the safe It ain't no time to waste with this Magnum in ya face Make one false move I swear the gunshots rang out first I'ma kill you then I'ma blow ya bitch brains out A hawks technicality is pecking for his salary so keep the dope whoopin' while the Hawk'll keep swoopin' Chorus Mack Dime and that's one to grow on mothafuckas.

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