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I don't want to be shy Can't stand it anymore I just want to say 'Hi' To the one I love Cherry blossom girl I feel sick all day long From not being with you I just want to go out Ever night for a while Cherry blossom girl Tell me why can't it be true I never talk to you People say that I should I can pray everyday For the moment to come Cherry blossom girl I just want to be sure When I will come to you When the time will be gone You will be by my side Cherry Blossom Girl Tell me why can't it be true I'll never love again Can I say that to you Will you run away If I try to be true Cherry blossom girl Cherry blossom girl I'll always be there for you That means no time to waste Whenever there's a chance Cherry blossom girl Tell me why can't it be true

Ultima melodie Cherry blossom girl Air muzica melodiei mp3 melodia versuri muzica piesa. melodia asculta versuri melodiei ultima melodie muzica straina.

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