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Versuri Chasing The Night

Standing here in front of the mirror Its gonna be all right tonight Feelin hot yeah I'm on fire I'm never ever goin to tire Tonight it's gonna be alright Chasing the night Its gonna be alright Chasing the night Its gonna be alright Chasing the night Live my life as I choose I paid the price, paid my dues You know I need no alibi Daytime troubles fading Nights intoxicating Gonna have it all tonight That ain't no lie Tonight Rock all night Sleep all day It don't matter what they say Ain't never gonna change my ways & I won't be back till monday Feelin exasperating Excitement generating I'm never ever gonna tire City is overloading The circuits are exploding Ain't comin down, no I'm too wired Tonight

Versurile versuri melodia versurile melodia Ramones muzica straina cantece. Chasing The Night cuvinte descarca melodia ultima melodie Diverse cuvintele versuri.

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