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Do unto others As you抎 have them do to you It would make our life so easy Yeah there抯 gold in that rule But money is a god For so many in this world Yeah, they wanna own the souls Of every man, woman, boy and girl It抯 sad but true to see It is them against you and me But we are [Chorus] Chained, Chained, chained for life Chained Chained æâ Ëill we die And together we will fight For what we know is right Yeah we are Chained Chained, chained for life We are chained, chained, chained, chained We are chained, chained, chained, chained Angels walk among us But there are devils out there too And they cast their evil on us Hoping we抣l do what they want us to do Turning love into hatred Making dreams become untrue And the only thing that抯 sacred Is the bond between me and you It抯 sad but true to see It is them against you and me And we are [Chorus] There抯 evil all around us But I don抰 fear it It抯 time to raise our voices And let them bastards hear it Watch out [Chorus] descarca versuri versurile melodiei muzica straina muzica cuvinte Chained descarca cuvinte. versuri muzica versurile versurile Doro Pesch piesa.

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