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A carnival for the human race Cotton candy, happy face A child talking with his mouth full Girlfriend gets stuffed animal A festive mood is all around Another world is what we've found Step right up, let's make a deal Let's ride on the ferris wheel You know there's something lurking underneath the shape With a mask over it's head and makeup on his face Will Warner Bros. put our record on the shelve? Take a look in the mirror and see the clown in yourself Spinning Grinning Believing Deceiving Whirling Twirling Confusing Amusing Discovery Recovery Inherency Transparency Fusion Conclusion Reality Fatality If you want to know what's behind the show You ride my carousel and enter life's jail cell Love and blood begin to meld, you've lost the self that you once held Merry go round your head - awake, asleep, alive, or dead. The clown that painted a smile on you Is now the one unmasking you Animated scenes unwind Dormant figures come to life Entangled in your own web A twisted tunnel overhead A glimpse of light, a drop of dew You slide into the swimming pool A roller coaster ride into the rivers of your mind The currents merge, your feelings surge, your life's a pantomime Beauty is the spiral going round & round the beast Without the vampire effect the carnival is deceased Fun. Roly Poly Topsy turvy Hang upside down Fall to the ground I think I'm going to be sick

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