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Versuri Carol Dodds Is Pregnant

Carol Dodds ahooo is a girl, she was always happ ee but now it's crap for her she's met Keith, Carol Dodds ahooo's in a whirl, she thinks Keith is good, but I knew he would leave herrrrrrrrr [Chorus:] She is getting fat her belly's got a lump in it, Keith must have done that, you never see him now, poor Carol does beg Keith back coz she's preg nant Carol Dodds is preeeeeeegnant... Carol Dodds ahoo's getting sick, she does want Keith much, even just to touch him would make her feel good, Carol Dodds ahoo needs love quick, she just wants to be, next to Keith you see to satisfy herrrrrrrrr... [Chorus] Carol Dodds ahoo misses Keith, she's finding it tough, though Keith is a scruff she loves him madly, Carol Dodds ahoo's lost belief, she told him she's pregnant, but Keith just went frant, ic he upt and left herrrrrr [Chorus]

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