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I've been a searching all this wide world Finally I found my Candy Girl I found me a girl Candy Girl She sets my heart a whirl Candy Girl with huggin' (huggin') and kissin' (kissin') and lovin' She's mine (mine) Mine (mine) woh-oh-oh Candy Girl We get along so well Candy Girl I know just why I fell Candy Girl She's thrilling (thrilling) and chilling (chilling), yeah, she's so divine She's mine (mine) Mine (mine) woh-oh-oh Candy Girl When we're out together Everyone knows the way we feel: We both seem to glow with a glow of love And it's plain to see Our love is real! I'm happy as can be Candy Girl She vowed eternally Candy Girl To hold me (hold me) and love me (love me) until the end of time She's mine (mine) Mine (mine) woh-oh-oh Candy Girl Candy Girl Candy Girl Candy Girl Candy Girl

Candy girl muzica straina Pop descarca Frankie Valli versuri piesa. Mp3 album versuri album descarca melodia.

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