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Versuri Can I Get A WitnessInterlude

Ah Oooh yes Busta Rhymes in the place ya'll Let me tell ya a little something..... Yeah, alright Busta 1995, this year I want One of them Crazy, Sexy-Cool women Ya know what I mean (ha ha) One of them real crazy, just sexy Just cool women Ya know what I mean baby, baby, baby, baby Check me out(ha ha) Ya know I want one of them crazy women That just, be ready to rip somebody's Face off for her man Ya know what I mean(who ya talkin to talkin to) Word is bond One of them crazy women that'll come Down to the spot where all the niggas is at Represent, 'cuz she know her man ain't doin' right Ha ha ha.... Word up Ya know but at the same time she gotta be Like, real sexy like So when she come out she ain't like Mispresentin' herself She lettin' it be known that she's official of her man if Ya know what I mean But at the same time like With all that crazyness and that sexyness She gotta come wit dat oh........ dat oh cool shizimisms Word to God, she gotta be cool So that she ain't blowin off the lid In front of my men's like, ya know what I'm sayin' Come around she can get down with the crew Let the crew know she representin' that she ain't havin' it But you know like, you know, she gotta represent To get the job handled, take care of that business Ya know like, I want one of them girls like Ya know like T-Boz (say uh), Left Eye(say uh say uh), Chilli Crazy ass, sexy-cool women Yeah, that's how we gettin' down, see Ha! Busta Rhymes I need one of them crazy sexy women brother Lord yes you need Word up! Can I get an amen(amen) Give me one of them crazysexy women can I get a witness? can i get a witness, can i get a witness, can i get a witness........

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