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Music by 10,000 Maniacs - Lyrics by Mary Ramsey Shards of glass cut through my gaze broken streamers hanging at my legs drunk and giddy full of fate at the cabaret smokey stares from the bar do stray bottles tumble I feel the misty spray what a perfect, perfect day for the cabaret from afar he sees Venus rise overwhelmingly beautiful he sighs the look of love was in her eyes puts his hand upon her leg looking closer his lust begins to fade what a drag the queen did say. could this be a dream Iâm in? ( Fellini would be proud ) gluttony enfolds the scene give them one last round , shining faces dance away swinging skirts between the panted legs kaleidescoping then shassez in a blink the glasses fly suddenly joy becomes a fight there they tossed and turned a sight.

Album descarca versuri cuvinte 10000 Maniacs cantece cuvinte descarca melodiei muzica straina ultima melodie album cuvintele Cabaret versuri muzica.

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