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CORO- Cuidado, ahi viene la placa, la jara, cuidado, ahi viene, cubrete lacara Los derechos de un ser humano fueron violados por otro ser humano Unos policias se aprovecharon de la autoridad que la gente les dieron Entrenados a llevarse un hombre sin violar derechos, abusaron suautoridad, palizaron un hombre sin piedad Nosotros la gente que les dimos autoridad, igual, se lo podemos quitar CORO- Eso fue lo que yo vi, lo que les digo, ocurrio asi CHALIæ´ RAP- He caught a nightstick lick to the brain piece Itæ¯ a new day but itæ¯the same beast hopin that the pain cease He hopin that your brainsleak on the concrete from his heat or from his feet Is he sæªose tomaintain peace or is it beef Like a t-bone steak they like to seebones break The way they cuff you, the way they hobble through laws,with his foot in your back screamin probable cause Not only do flawsoccur when you serve and protect, you swerve and project Bullets /That donæ° deserve to connect To bystanders and perpetrators of alesser crime Evil that you shine will never stand the test of time Letæ¯ define brutality in its entirety force unnecessarily Some thinkitæ¯ a fantasy I think itæ¯ a tragedy how we let the people who we call protectors inflict and oppress us

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