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Killing all that's left in me Thus, close my heart from unity To never lose control again And never hide from what I am Awake, my anger and haunt this earth Broken she stands and broken I am Wishing to feel the pain again Creating dimensions by Thy hands Dark angels come to me... Never dare to speak to me again Yet, my will is drowned in anger Parting the fire from our earth Enforcing my desire with the gift of death's rebirth Dark angels come to me The truth is mine to speak since all hope has died Consuming life that crawls the Earth for a last time Hide before the light Running back in time Reign until the end Thou shalt be crowned with blood on Thy hands Echoes in my soul have died Long before the dawn of time What I have seen lies beyond all imagination I never thought this could be the end All through my mind, through my soul Through my burning hatred Gelaeutert von der Essenz der Zeit

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