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From a glade was heard songs of angels that blessed the land Now the time of their arrival was predicted years ago and now they shine In the time before the ravings of the dark cloaked men began Men had lived in peace for ages and they'd lived from of the land Now their lives all changed from better to a state still growing worse And the ravings of the cloaked men promised darkness in return But angels shine See the bitter heart sow darkness summon clouds to hide the sun and they tower up before you and they cover up the sky Hear them sing their songs of hardship under moon that none can see Hear them chant, yes hear them raving for the tide to turn on me But angels shine Then from far away from a land unknown came a man so thin you could see his bones 'said when I am gone and the night is still and a few good hearts all unite in will then they pray along with the prayers of mine and the dark men fall as the angels shine mp3 melodia muzica But Angels Shine. Album mp3 cuvintele versuri muzica straina Tad Morose versuri descarca.

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