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Cough syrup helps you relate to the dead drink it down & swell up the brain in yer head welcome to the state & crush what you believe living the lies of the laws you concieve yer trapped in the web of the world that you weave you're burning in water, drowning in flames the laws & the lies are all one & the same now you're burning in water & yer drowning in flames now, never, nothing long & boney fingers, they dig up from the grave killed in vain, when corporate gov'ts misbehave you're obedient dogs, greasing the cogs running the machine how many lives are lost in the gears to cover yer crimes over all of these years? you're lost, you've lost, we've lost now is never & yer nothing

Album versuri versuri cuvintele muzica straina ultima melodie melodia melodiei Burning In Water. Ultima melodie piesa Leftover Crack cuvinte asculta descarca.

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