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Versuri Burned with desire

ARMIN VAN BUUREN - BURNED WITH DESIRE For each forgotten kiss For all the memoryes For all the times a look Said all we had to say You played your part so well a modern Romeo You came on cupid's wings and the you flew away REFREN 2X: And you touch my face And you call my name Burned with desire But you left me in the rain For every sleepless night Forever in your arms For every hour spent Most in the revery You broke your promises No shame and no regrets You burned your bridges to An endless mistery. REFREN:You touch my face You call my name Burned with desire. But you left in the rain...

Versuri versuri muzica straina asculta ultima melodie ultima melodie. Burned with desire cuvinte melodia cuvintele versurile Armin Van Buuren.

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