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Versuri Burned out

Stick around to see the ugly look on my face You always come around - when my will is broken And I can bearly stand on my two feet Was it something, I said - that you can't forget But you know it's something you need - to make it All work out - But the fact still remains that You can never take back what you say - But I take back everything I feel so empty - why'd you do this now When all the color left in my face is Fading out I won't ride that evil suicide wave No matter what you hear me say CHORUS: Why does it feel Like the sun is just burned out Why does it feel Like everyone waiting for us To crumble and just break down Where's that helping hand That you pull away Everything I'm in the back of the line If I start to fall out - on the last mile Just wash the blood off my face I feel so empty - why'd you do this now The viscous circle of life - tears me up all inside

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