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Versuri Broken silence intro

[News Reporters Speaking] "Rapper Foxy Brown was arrested today in Raleigh, North Carolina on misdemeaner charges for an alledged altercation with a hotel employee. She was arrested and released on a thousand dollar bond but if found guilty of the charge, she could face up to sixty days in prison." "Gun fire erupted today outside a Greenwich Village radio station. The gunplay allegedly stems from an ungoing feud... both artists claim no involvement in the incident. No arrests have yet been made in connection with the shooting." "In other news, rap artist Foxy Brown was hospitalized yesterday after an apparent overdose on a common prescription drug. While the overdose was allegedly an atempt at her own life, no one from the hospital nor Foxy's family were available for comment. Stay tuned for more news" "Inga Marchand, also known as rapper Foxy Brown, was taken to a local hospital today, when the Range Rover she was driving spun out of control at a Brooklyn sidestreet. Although she was not seriously injured, Marchand was later arrested for driving with a suspended liscense. This is just another in a long list of offences that have plagued this Brooklyn rap star."

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