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Versuri Bring you down

[Verse 1] Top of the food chain, It's just the way that I do things The dungaree seats in the blue Range I'm working with new change, a Gemini nigga with mood swings had the fiends looking for new things I stopped playin' with birds and stated playin' with words the money wasn't right, so I had to stay on the kerb And I'll be a player later. But for now Call me pootay 'Kiss, if not that? Montega Jada I kick hard bars and blow hard weed and be everywhere, 'cause I move at God's speed And my aim is to make y'all bleed Y'all got embarrassed in the class when the teacher used to make y'all read Uh-huh, Mind over matter And that's all good but fuck that My new shit is spine over bladder And everybody tryin'a get to the top, and that's all good too but right now - I'm on the ladder [Chorus] Look at you then, and (uh-huh) Look at you now. (yeah) Don't let this cold cold world,(uh-uhhh) Bring you down. [x2] [Verse 2] I know your queen got her eyes on me I got my eyes on your queen, The SMG is Heinekken green Mad thing is you know before long that we gon' get it on My kit costs thirty and ten to put it on No tints, windows clean - heavy Windex gears on the steering wheel, I shift 'em with my index Real life - it's just in another form Kiss Of Death, it's about to be another storm I'm a goddamn raging bull Stay out of jail by just tellin' myself the cage is full Got niggaz on the payroll, just to squeeze You're in no position to challenge my expertise They get a bonus if they leave you Old school - from the era of the 45's with the penny on the needle Boss of the bosses, so please don't violate or cross him Or you'll be the corpse of the corpses [Chorus x2] [Verse 3] Uh- Huh, You know thw word anger is just one letter short of the word danger, and I aint no stranger Never use a gat more than twice if you don't clean it and never say fuck something if you don't mean it And when it comes to life, the route you've been using thus far aint working right? Take the scenic Whatever faith you got, put in a crook Wanna hide something from a nigga? Put it in a book Trust me, this album, the vapour's gon' go around If you aint hot, you need paper to throw around Yeah, it's getting clearer every day When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say [Chorus x2]

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